Month: November 2015

Cyber Monday Sale! Quote Contest Winners Announced!

We’ve got a surprise for you! For those of you who have been eyeing and wishing to be in possession of some of our amazing KP Swag, now’s your chance to get it! During Cyber Monday ALL of our KP merchandise is 20% off! Yes, you read that right, ALL of it! Including the awesome hoodies! All that is required of you is to select your favorite item, go to the checkout and enter this coupon code: CYBER20 And BAM! That KP Swag is yours! With your new KP gear, you will be able to count to infinity: multiple times....

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KP Critiques – 18

We’re back with another critique! Thank you all so much for having the courage to send them in! We know it’s never easy to have your writing critiqued, let alone shared for the benefit of others. That takes guts! But we also know that receiving critiques from others is one of the THE BEST ways to grow and improve. Constructive criticism is invaluable! This submission is an excerpt from Greta and Ingrid’s novel, The Sorcerer’s Daughter.   The Critique   Prologue  Princess Eldora tiptoed out of her room and down the palace staircase, careful not to step on the creaking...

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I Am Yours

By Greta Dornbirer Where am I? How can I escape, From this horrendous black hole I’m in? A hole called Sin, Sucking me in, And no one can help me out. Light piercing through, Shining on my face. There is someone who can help me, Make me be whom I’m meant to be, Not just someone, In the dark hole of Sin. Jesus, help me leave the dark, The light is what I want. You are whom I need. And for you alone will I bleed, And sweat, and die for, Because you died for me. “Who am I?”...

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Blurring the Lines Between Light and Darkness

By Melody Faith Writing or reading a dark book can be a very debatable topic for Christians. How dark is too dark? How much gore is too much? It has gone back and forth for years. Recently, I read an interview with Ted Dekker discussing the darkness in his writing. He explains why he feels the need for it. He wants a distinct difference between good and evil in his stories. He wants readers to look at evil and be repulsed by it while they look at good and see the beauty in it. I found this to be...

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The Writer’s Hardest Challenge…Writing

I’d heard about NaNoWriMo for years before I finally figured out what it was…National Novel Writing Month. Except the goal of writing 50,000 words though the month of November, and the goal of writing a whole novel aren’t quite the same thing for me since my books somehow make themselves quite a bit longer than 50,000 words. Anyway, that’s not important. It’s also, I hope, not too important for this topic that I’ve never actually had the time to participate in the November NaNo, though I was part of one of the NaNo camps earlier this year. Still I...

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