Month: September 2015

KP Critiques – 10

We give you our tenth installment of KP Critiques! We greatly appreciate the willingness of our subscribers to subject their work underneath our editor’s scrutiny. While critiques are necessary and greatly beneficial, it’s never easy to put your work out there for all to see, and for it to be publicly critiqued. Thank you for having the courage to partake of this daring endeavor! (Our editors really aren’t that scary.)  Thank you, Taylor for providing today’s submission; an excerpt from her novel, The Healer’s Servant. The Submission Have you ever looked into the Healer’s shop and pitied the poor...

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5 Times Everyone Wants to Quit Their Novel

And What to Do When You Run Into These Points Us writers can be a moody bunch at times.  And so, in the process of writing a novel, there are several points in it when we’ll just want to give up and quit.  For whatever the reason, the story just isn’t working anymore.  Perhaps it’s the plot-holes that are making our story look more like Swiss cheese than anything else.  Perhaps it’s the roadblocks that our characters keep running up against.  Or perhaps it’s that it just isn’t that good anymore.  Glorified kindling at its best. What do you...

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How You Can Help Kingdom Pen

Four and half years ago, Kingdom Pen began as a simple eMag comprised of articles, short stories, and poems. Primitively produced with Microsoft Word, Kingdom Pen was founded, run, and written for Christian teens, by Christian teens. It was free, and it was basic, maintained by volunteers. Kingdom Pen has drastically changed since we began, though we are all still volunteers, and our content is still free.  It is also still our goal to encourage a generation of Christian writers and artists to use their God-given talents to impact the world for good and advance God’s kingdom here on...

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Kingdom Pen Interviews Wayne Thomas Batson

Kingdom Pen’s own Sarah Spradlin had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Wayne Thomas Batson, and we are so excited to bring it to you today! We hope you find his words as encouraging as we did!   Kingdom Pen: Deciding to follow Christ is one of the biggest moments as Christians. When did you first accept Christ as your Savior and how has that decision influenced you throughout your life? Wayne Thomas Batson: Which time? LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist. I think the first time I recognized Jesus as Savior was in 7th grade at an all nighter tennis tournament....

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Writing Realistic Sword Fights

Sword fights are common elements in literature and drama. Everyone wants to include them because they rouse the audience to mountainous heights of tension. What if you have no idea how sword fighting works, though? Even worse, what if you deceive yourself into thinking that you do? Come on, you’ve seen The Princess Bride. Isn’t that what sword fighting looks like? Not even close. I am not a “master of defense” by any means, but I do know enough to speak with authority on this issue. I was a fencer for about 2 ½ years; I have read books...

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