Month: August 2015

KP Radio E#3 ~ Screenwriting and the Author’s Film Process with Eric Johnson

“Kingdom Pen Radio.  It’s, like, presents every week.  Except it’s Daniel’s creepy voice.  Creepy presents.”   On THIS EXCITING EPISODE (can you feel the drama?  I feel the drama) Eric and Daniel converse intelligently (read as “geek out”) on writing for film, Eric’s latest released project “Ella”, screen prose vs novel prose, and we give away FREE STUFF.   What you’ll learn in this episode: Benefits of film Producing Who is Eric Johnson Film as a storytelling medium Screen prose vs novel prose Eric’s writing process on screenplays Outlining a screenplay Word vomit outlining The intricacies of Cowriting Indie Film...

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KP Merch Has Arrived!

Hey Kingdom Pen! If you haven’t already noticed, we have finally launched our merch shop! Swag yourself with some sweet and beautifully designed Kingdom Pen T-shirts and hoodies! What is more, we are having a grand opening Sale! 20% off all T-shirts, and 10% off hoodies from today through this weekend!   Upon donning one of these absurdly awesome apparel items, you will find yourself infused with preposterous amounts of writing inspiration and know-how. Stories of a power and magnitude unknown to mankind will flow from your finger tips (or the tip of your pen if you like to roll...

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KP Critiques – 09

Today we have another KP Critiques for you! We are so grateful for the fabulous amount of subscribers interested in this series! Critiques are a vital part of the life of a writer. Though difficult to digest at times they help us grow and mature into a greater writer.  Today’s critique is given to us by Christianna from her novel Fire In The Shadowlands. Chrstianna’s Excerpt:  The early rays of a fresh new sun heralding the approach of an equallyfresh new day streamed into the tastefully furnished tower room built into the south wall of Derenath. In a smooth...

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KP Radio #2 ~ Christian Themes in Weird Stories and other Tips with Kerry Nietz (Amish Vampires in Space)

  WE’RE BACK, TURKEYS!*   Having somehow survived for a second episode, Daniel and Kerry talk about the development of two of Kerry’s books, the challenges and benefits of writing without an outline, the 2 key elements to becoming successful in career writing, and to wrap it all up, they give away a book.  Can’t get a better deal than that.   What you’ll learn in this episode: How in the world a book called “Amish Vampires in Space” happened Why Kerry loves Sci-fi Organic themescaping Development of “A Start Curiously Singing” How Kerry became a part of Marcher Lord...

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