Month: July 2015

How To Create An Intriguing Character

By Mark Kamibaya Note: I refer to characters and readers as masculine. However, these principles can also be applied to female characters and readers. Creating a character is often the hardest part in writing. It should be. God created every human being with an intricate and complex personality or nature. Putting all of that complexity on a page is no easy task. Characters are also the main reason why readers will want to read your story. An amazing character can hook a reader even if the plot is cliched or even boring. It rarely works the other way around. ...

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KP Spotlight! Mary P. Johnston

We are very delighted to be presenting with you our third KP spotlight! In this latest installment we are featuring Mary P. Johnston. Enjoy! Kingdom Pen: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are three interesting facts? Mary P. Johnston: Hello! Three interesting facts, let’s see… I am 6’2” tall. I am really passionate about the Myers-Briggs theory. (INFJ here!) I wrote my first novel in crayon. I was seven, I believe. It was called the Captain over the Seas, and, as the title suggests, it was about a pirate. KP: If you could have any vocation, and...

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How to Portray the Realities of War Accurately in Writing

Swords flash. Shields clash. Spears glint. Horses thunder across the plains. Grim lines of soldiers advance and retreat. Flags flutter and trumpets blast amid the glittering glory of battle. This is what may come to mind when the word ‘war’ appears in a fictional or fantasy setting, but it’s a far shout from the bitter, slogging endurance of a real campaign. A war builds up long before the first battle lines clash. How many details actually appear in the story depend on the writer’s choice and what time the book starts, but there are many things which should be...

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The Day Santa Wore Carhartts

By Rosey Mucklestone Hey Robby, Mind being the Santa for a day? I have family in town a day and can’t make it to work. The costume is in my locker Thanks buddy. You’re the best, Harry Rob stared aghast at the note left for him. Emma looked up from her desk and blinked at Rob with her dinner-plate eyes. “Is anything wrong?” she asked, “I didn’t think you’d mind.” Rob mumbled under his breath and stalked over to Harry’s locker. His nimble fingers slid the lock in place and the door practically burst open, smacking him in the...

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KP Critiques – 05

Here today we present to you, fine ladies and gentlemen, our fifth installment of KP Critiques! We thank all of you for the flood of critiques we have received! It’s lovely to witness the rise of courageous writers who are willing to submit their work to be analyzed and critiqued. It’s never easy to put your work out there for all to see, but by doing so you are benefiting more writers as well as growing as a writer! Today’s critique is brought to us by Mark, from his story, Project Apofeoz. Project Apofeoz “The sixth strike. Probably felt...

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