Month: June 2015

Picture Prompt Contest: 3rd Place Winner!

3rd place in our Picture Prompt short story contest goes to Natalee Jensen, and her story, Cowboys and Indians!   Poignant and well-written, this story takes a creative look at a harsh reality.   Congratulations, Natalee!   It was the day he was supposed to come home. Despite the heat of Georgia, it rained. Obviously it rained; it only ever rains when something goes wrong. That day, back in the muggy heat of August, something was definitely amiss in the atmosphere and the skies released their fury. Mama had made lemonade, not the cheap powder stuff that we used...

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4 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

By Jessica Greyson   Facing writers block can be one of the most difficult things that you face as a writer. It can creep up on us, or blindside us like a brick wall. But no matter how it comes upon you, it leaves you feeling like you’re stranded on a deserted island with only a pile of driftwood to make your escape, so here are some tips and tricks to build a successful escape back into the writing world. Ask Questions   Take a moment to step back from your writing; maybe go back to the roots of...

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5 Reasons To Pray Before You Write

By Amy Bohannan Writer’s block.   We’ve all been there at some point or another.  (Some of us more than others.)   Lists have been written of ways that we can overcome.  Step by step lists, bullet pointed lists, check marked lists—too many ways to overcome this terrible creative blockage in our brains. On most lists, though, I find the most important step is omitted.  In fact, I find it’s the most forgotten and neglected of all.  Imagine that—the most crucial step to creativity, the least remembered.   What would happen with our creativity if we remembered it always?...

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Winning The Battle Against Writer’s Block

By Hope Schmidt The battles of life take many shapes and sizes, and writing is no exception. Glaring plot holes, inconsistent characters, and tangled timelines oppose the author in their turn. And then there’s writer’s block. Surrounding us with a confusing mist of ‘what should we write?’, these battles can be among the most challenging we face as an author. Simply not wanting to write isn’t true writer’s block. That’s another battle altogether, a battle of diligence and discipline.  You have your story. You know what comes next. But lethargy strikes and you simply don’t want to write. It...

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KP Spotlight! J. Tobias Buller

We are so excited to bring you our second KP Spotlight, this one featuring a KP subscriber who was a finalist in our Begin Your Novel contest, J. Tobias Buller. Enjoy!   Kingdom Pen: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are three interesting facts?   J. Tobias Buller: I have lived in West Africa for nearly four years, I am over six feet tall, and my favorite musical album of anything ever is John Powell’s How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack.   KP: Homeschooled? Public-schooled? Tell us the tale.   JTB: I was homeschooled off and on...

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