Month: May 2015

KP Critiques – 03

We’re back with another critique! Thank you all so much for having the courage to send them in! We know it’s never easy to have your writing critiqued, let alone shared for the benefit of others. That takes guts! But we also know that receiving critiques from others is one of the THE BEST ways to grow and improve. Constructive criticism is invaluable! This critique comes to us from Rolena, and her story, Hero of Mine.   Rolena’s submission!   I shoved the fridge door shut and slammed the salad onto the counter. “Why now dad? Why do you...

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Creative Writing Contest: Picture Prompt Story

Our new contest has arrived! For this contest, you must write a short story incorporating this painting by Rachel Ramm. Be creative! Use this picture prompt however you see best to construct your story!   Basic Guidelines   Your story must be between 800 and 3,000 words in length, and be written in English.  It must be submitted by 11:59:59 EDT on the night of May 29th, 2015, in submission format (please refer to the list of details below for information on this formatting), The rest is up to you! This contest is open to writers within the age range of...

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Are You Too Young To Be Writing Romance?

Almost every adventure novel has the same few characters: a hero, a villain, a mentor, an ally, and a love.   There is usually some sort of romance going on in just about every popular adventure novel today; however, should teens be including a “love” character in their stories? Are you too young to be writing romance? I think there are a couple things we should consider before we blindly follow the formula. Do you know what you’re talking about?   As Josiah explains:   Perhaps the simplest answer to, “should you include a love side-plot in your story,”...

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I See You Waiting

I see you waiting, Waiting there for me With tears that flow like a river And a heart that longs to be free   I see you crying Crying for a love That holds your heart in chaos And makes you his beloved   I see you searching Searching for a hold But you can’t see me here Giving you a hope   I see you finding Finding what isn’t me You give your heat to another Praying that he won’t leave   I see you screaming Screaming late at night At the world that has left you bruised...

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Writing For Christ By His Guidelines

I always need renewed vision when I’m writing. I’m constantly needed to be reminded of my purpose in why I’m writing in the first place. And recently I’ve been challenged to stop and think… Why is writing so important to me? Why do I spend hours at a time clicking away at the keys to add words to another page? Or maybe the question should be: why should writing be so important to me? Is the answer “because I love it” good enough? Or “because I have something to say”? Should these be the answers that justify the hours...

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