Month: April 2015

What Does it Mean to Write for Christ?

We talk about this idea a lot around here at Kingdom Pen, but what does it really mean to write for Christ? How exactly do you write for Christ? Does your story have to be out-right religious or blatantly about God in order to write for Christ? I think the mistake we as Christians so often make when creating “Christian” stories or art in general, is we feel the need to proclaim that our work is Christian. We put God in a nice churchy box called “Christian” and make sure to parade this box around throughout our stories. As a...

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KP Spotlight! Dani M.

Kingdom Pen is so excited to release our very first KP Spotlight! It is so neat getting to know you better! We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we are! Thank you Dani M for agreeing to share a little bit about yourself with us. Kingdom Pen: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are three interesting facts? Dani M: Well, my siblings tell me that I stick my tongue out when I’m concentrating. Especially on piano or violin. Flute would be a little hard to do that on, though. I think in a British accent....

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How to Write a Realistic Conversion Without Being Preachy

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to depict in Christian fiction is a realistic conversion. You wouldn’t necessarily know that from the number of times they happen in Christian fiction.  But a lot of the time, when a conversion is attempted, I can’t help but be disappointed by the event.  Not because I don’t like to see conversions.  But because I want to see them done well. A lot of the time, it seems like something ends up missing from the picture.  The decision is made too quickly in a way that seems hasty and out-of-character.  The decision is...

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KP Interviews BYN Contest Winner: Brenna Stross

Back in March we announced the winner of our Begin Your Novel Contest, Brenna Stross. She agreed to allow us an interview, and here is what she has to say on her entry and being a writer! Kingdom Pen: So, just who is Brenna Stross? Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you discover Kingdom Pen and the Begin Your Novel contest? Brenna Stross: I’m a thirteen year old girl just doing life in good ole’ Lakeland! I love reading, writing, singing and playing the guitar. I discovered Kingdom Pen through the Begin Your Novel contest, and...

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When Is It Okay To Kill?

If you’re writing an adventure novel, the odds are high that someone is going to die. Not only that, but your protagonist may have to be the killer. This raises the question, when is it okay for your protagonist—the good guy (or gal)—to kill? Is it ever right? Is killing always wrong?   The difficult thing about killing in fiction is that wartime ethics have a lot of grey areas.  Biblical principles arguably go against the extremes of a pacifistic attitude where all killing is wrong and of a more utilitarian approach that treats all killing as fine.  That...

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