Month: March 2015

How to Write Characters of the Opposite Gender Part 2: Practical Tips

Jackyln Crooks is back with part two of her series on writing characters of the opposite gender. Check out these helpful tips on how to make your characters believable! Tips for Writing Convincing Guys   So you have this great story idea, right? It’s great, and you actually like it. There’s only one problem…the main character is a guy. Actually, that’s not the problem. The problem is that you’re a girl, and you don’t understand guys, so you’ve never successfully written one. Well, here are some tips that you may find helpful. First of all, when you’re thinking through an...

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How to Write Characters of the Opposite Gender Part 1: Know Your Character

 How To Write Characters Of The Opposite Gender by Jacklyn Crooks   “Can’t he just listen? Why does he always have to try to fix me?” “I’ve taught her how to ____ at least a dozen times, why does she keep asking me to do it?” These are just a few of the questions that I’ve been asked in my years as a daughter, a friend, and a youth leader. They are questions that everyone has asked, at one time or another, about someone they love. Why? Because men and women are different. Bet you didn’t see that one...

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KP Spotlight Launched!

Calling all Kingdom Pen subscribers! KP Spotlight has been launched! If you have been following our Roadmap, you will see that this month we wanted to launch “KP Spotlight”, and now we have! What is your story? KP Spotlight is a feature which allows us to learn more about the great people we have in the Kingdom Pen community. We want to know what writing projects you are working on, and what unique experiences you have in your writer’s journey. Once a month (subject to change), we would like to interview a Kingdom Pen subscriber about their journey, and share...

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Three Common Mistakes When Writing the First Page of Your Novel

This past month, we announced the winners of the “Begin Your Novel” contest. I was impressed by many of the entries and thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the submissions. However, I did want to give some pointers on some common problems that I noticed among submissions. Not all of the entries that didn’t win had these problems, but here are some common things that I noticed that you’ll want to watch out for: 1. Bland First Lines A fair number of the entries didn’t fully utilize the first line as much as they could have.  The first line of...

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Women In Combat: We Need More Strong Female Characters – Part 2

This post is a collaboration of thoughts from the KP Team, building off of part 1. How should the Christian writer handle the prospect of female characters in combat?  Strength comes down to how well someone or something fulfills the purpose it was created for. Men and women were created to fulfill different roles, each reflecting one-half of God’s character. A woman doesn’t need to pick up the sword, or express military prowess to be strong. Does this mean we can’t depict women in combat? Not at all! As writers, we need to draw a careful distinction between aspects...

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