Month: February 2015

Exclusive Author Interview: Lisa T. Bergren

Kingdom Pen’s own Sarah Spradlin had the opportunity to ask a few questions of the best-selling, award-winning author Lisa T. Bergren. Read the elusive interview below! KP: In the end, our goal, as Christian authors, is to further the Kingdom for Christ and glorify Him. But it had to start somewhere. How did you come to know Christ as your savior and how has that influenced your writing? LB: I was raised in the church and feel like I’ve always known Him. But I dedicated my life and work to Him after a personal reformation experience I had when I...

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Happy Birthday: Kingdom Pen Turns 4!

I can hardly believe that I started working for Kingdom Pen 4 years ago! It has really been an incredible 4 years, and I know that with support from you, and the rest of the Kingdom Pen community, the future will be even better! Last year, when Kingdom Pen turned 3, I talked about Kingdom Pen’s past, and posted a link to our very first issue. This year, I want to talk about the future. What do you want Kingdom Pen to be? You may or may not have noticed that we have added a “roadmap” to our website. The roadmap shows you...

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Hero Of The Empire

I wasn’t the hero. But I had to act like one. The squadron leader watched helplessly as the over-sized Malaesian fleet ripped through their carefully planned formation.  Moving quickly, she gave orders over the comm even as she grasped her ship’s controls.  As she turned, her squadron turned with her, cycling around in a tight spin to join up with the other ships in their group.  She quickly focused in on the situation. Their group was barely holding up their side of the battle; for the fifth time already, the alien squadrons had broken up their formation.  They had lost...

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Can Christian Writers Include Magic in their Fantasy Novels?

When you think of the fantasy genre, three things probably quickly come to mind: swords, elves, and magic.  And it’s the latter that can become a problem for the Christian writer.  We’ve all probably read, or are at least familiar with, the passages in Leviticus and Deuteronomy that condemn magic and warn God’s people not to practice it.  Yet, we’ve also read fantasy novels where magic is used, whether it be in The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or The Inheritance Cycle.  And while perhaps it may be fine to read books with elements that you disagree with,...

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Begin Your Novel Writing Contest Is Open!

The contest is open!   The opening of a story is one of the most important parts of any novel. Readers today are impatient and if your story doesn’t grab them right from the start, they might not stick around for when “it starts to get good.” We need our stories to engage the reader right from the beginning. This contest is meant to not only be fun, but to also provide some clues for how to create a great novel opening which hooks the reader.   Follow the rules below when you submit and you could win up to $100. I...

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