Month: September 2014

Broken Hearts

Broken lives strew the path of life Pieces of people’s hearts all around Pain and suffering try to win The fight is on for love to abound Broken hearts, broken lives Disaster is what I see Broken hearts, broken lives People longing to be free Broken hearts, broken lives Please tell me who holds the key? Trapped in the hold of sin and guilt People slipping down a dark slope Searching all around for someone Helpless mankind longs for hope Broken hearts, broken lives Who will save the lost? Broken hearts, broken lives What will pay the cost? Broken...

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Tips for a Well-Written Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is one of the largest genres out there. Book topics span from scarcely heard about events to World War Two and Civil war-era fiction. In such a big market, it’s hard to really set yourself apart. What do some of the most successful historical fiction books have in common? The first thing that comes to mind is research. In any novel, research is important, yet it’s even more so in historical fiction. While the reader will never physically see the long hours, books read and pages upon pages of notes, they’ll very easily be able to tell...

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