Month: June 2014


By Sarah Spradlin   “Music is what feelings sound like.” – Unknown   Dark, tangled locks hang like wild wisps over weathered, young fingers traipsing across ivory keys. Feet dance against brass pedals. The breath of power escapes thin pressed lips. A heart sings along to the beat of rhythm echoing deep as she falls out from every boundary wrapped around her. Her eyes follow a journey, held captive in the flurry of her soldier-like fingers. Leading fearlessly an epic quest, seamlessly unfolding at her fingertips. Swords clash and the songs of battle echo out into the darkness. Light meets shadow’s acrid breath. Forget your fear.  I am with you. Shadowed...

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Heaven’s Declaration

The darkness was great darkness so ancient, the days could not be counted since light had touched the world, for there had been no day since that time. Only wandering stars and tangled constellations to offer guidance And then, a pale glow across the world from somewhere above a beacon, a light not just another high example of purity a moon which rose quietly from the horizon and lit the world in white, a light vaguely familiar and brilliant. It cast shadows in the night, gleaming in eyes that had never seen light yet the world could not accept...

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View Your Story as a Form of Art

As Christians, all of us likely have some message we are trying to actively communicate in our writing. And those of us who are not actively trying to communicate a message still can’t keep their worldview from slipping into their work. As Douglas Wilson writes in Wordsmithy, “The independence of art from worldview and worldview concerns is a myth. Every work of art is produced within a framework of worldview assumptions. […] It is not whether certain values will be propagated by art, but rather which values will be propagated.” As Christian writers, hopefully our central concern is less...

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