Month: January 2014

Will You Hear?

A poem on the power of music.   Will you hear? It floats through the air The sound splashes like a waterfall Tumbling over the rapids Will you be silent? There is a gentle noise Gathering up like the clouds Ready for the rain to spill over   Will you be still? And feel the vibrating floors It moves through the ground And touches every wall   Will you not see? The fingers that trace the white and black keys They press in perfect time And feel the melody flow   Will you listen? The careful sound of bow over...

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Sandbagging: Why Writers Should Stop Apologizing for their Work

“We build our sandbag walls to brace ourselves against the onslaught of negative feedback. Yes, writers are an insecure bunch.” Beginning writers make a lot of mistakes. From improper pac­ing to shallow characters, young writers are going to make mistakes. It’s the only way to grow. All of these weaknesses can be overcome; however, in my opinion, there is one weakness–the great­est weakness of young writers—which can derail any possibility of improvement. The biggest weakness I’ve seen in beginning writers (and I’m guilty of it too) is sandbagging. Now what is “sandbagging”? Sandbagging is building up your defenses and...

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Of Sandpaper And Stories

“Details. Pay attention to details.” Patching drywall and smoothly patching drywall are two completely different animals. I think I created a hybrid creature when I taught myself how to patch the lovely hole an unwieldy piece of furniture created in my wall. You can tell it’s patched if you pay attention, but unless you look closely it looks all right. My first attempt at patching didn’t go so well. The layers were too thick, I hadn’t spent enough time sanding, and, well, it looked awful. Definitely an amateur job. So I grabbed the sandpaper, tub of mud, and went...

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