Month: December 2013

Your Questions: Answered

Have a question about writing? Email us at, using the subject line, “Question For The Panel”. A panel of Kingdom Pen writers will then attempt to answer the questions you email to us in the quarterly issues. We’ll also be posting the questions and answers on our website (like in this post), so you’ll have a chance to comment with your own thoughts and solutions. Here are the questions we answered in the last issue of Kingdom Pen:   Question: I’ve been hearing a lot about subtext, how using it correctly can really help your story. But there seem to be a lot of conflicting...

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What’s Up With Kingdom Pen?

Greetings KP community! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything on the website and some of you have been asking about that. Basically, what has happened is that I have started college and that has taken up a lot of my time; however, the gears of Kingdom Pen are starting to turn, and regular content will begin to appear again on the KP website. The Spring issue of the magazine is also beginning to come together and will be released in early March. If you have sent us a submission and are still waiting on approval, you should...

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