You Will Watch Us Rise

Evil cannot kill the children of God.

By Emily Cozzens


Ash clings to my skin

Smoke stings my eyes

The trees are just skeletons

Blackened and dry


The chimney still stands

Amidst the white ash

And the small plume of smoke

Is no longer black


As we wade through

The towering black timber

Our footsteps leave

Small puffs of powder

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Next Issue Has Arrived!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check your email, because Kingdom Pen has just released our latest issue! Unique to this issue is a sneak peak of future improvements coming to Kingdom Pen, as well as the launching of a new section entitled “Your Questions: Answered.” The new feature requires your participation! If you have any questions about writing, email us your quandaries at From there, a panel of KP writers will attempt to answer your questions to the best of their ability, and their responses will be published in each subsequent issue of the Kingdom Pen magazine!


I hope you enjoy this issue and are encouraged to write for Christ!
God bless and stand fast,
Reagan Ramm
Editor, Kingdom Pen Magazine


Attention Filmmakers! Kingdom Cinema Launched!

Watch “Seventh Seal”, the first film to be published by Kingdom Cinema!

As of now, Kingdom Pen is no longer an entity solely devoted to the medium of writing. Thanks to the hard work of Daniel Thompson and others, Kingdom Cinema, a branch of Kingdom Pen devoted to encouraging quality Christian filmmaking, has been launched!

Kingdom Cinema will seek to be a hub for Christian creators and filmmakers where they can post their videos, gain an audience, and connect with like-minded Christians filmmakers. It is also our wish that Kingdom Cinema will provide powerful, wholesome, and entertaining Christian films for the enjoyment and spiritual growth of our viewers.



*Accepted short films will be posted across several video sharing mediums including, but not limited to, YouTube, Vimeo, and GodTube.  The videos will also be advertised on social networks such as Facebook, the exclusive writer’s forum OYAN, and will be posted on the Kingdom Pen website.

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As writers, we are all creators, mimicking the One who created us. Let us never forget that we are the greatest artistic works ever crafted, created to enjoy God, and glorify Him forever.

By Leanna Newby

Paint. Living splotches of sympathy streaked across the alabaster portrait.

The rough hands caressed the canvas,

The brush of creation danced with a life of color.

A creamy white glaze appeared along the ridge,

Across the page, a golden heavenly glow peeked out of the rocky pinnacles,

Observing the child below.

The young boy gazed down into the deep azure ripples,

Hoping to capture his heart’s desire.

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