Month: April 2013

Pursue Clarity in the Meaning of Your Novel

By Kathryn Comstock It is happening in everything: school work, literature and even writing. Meaning is being systematically removed and instead, we’re told that “it’s all relative”. There’s no real meaning in anything. This is called deconstructionism. I heard an analogy that meaning—what deconstructionism does to meaning—is like a red balloon. One person can come up and say it’s a blue balloon. Another can say it’s a green and pink balloon. Yet another person could say that it isn’t a balloon at all; in reality, it’s a pen. I could go on with examples forever, but you get the...

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Unspoken: How Detailed Are Your Characters?

By Hannah Mills– As did many others, I made the trek to the movie theatre to see Les Misrables. And, as many others are, I am a Downton Abbey fangirl. I could go on and on about the music in Les Mis, about the amazing screenwriting that makes Downton what it is, the actors, many things. Today, however, I want to focus on some things that are more in the background. After watching Les Mis, I noticed something. The costuming was incredibly well-thought out. The Thenardiers, viciously money-minded people with no morals and a dramatic flair, had costumes that...

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The Dread Factor: Dos and Don’ts of Writing Villains

By Eric Johnson What makes the best villains work? The simple answer can be summed up in one phrase: lots of things. There is, however, an even simpler answer. Dread is what makes villains work. A good villain is a villain we dread, a bad villain is one we don’t. So how do you make your villain dreadful? Good question. The most obvious question that needs answering is this: Why should my hero dread my villain? If you can come up with a convincing answer to this question, you’ve probably succeeded in making your reader dread your villain too....

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I, Sherwood (Short Story)

Creative, emotional, and thought provoking, I, Sherwood is an excellent short story with strong writing quality, imagery, and soulful questioning. Braden Russell comes through with an original take on the story of Robin Hood, told from a new pair of eyes. I, Sherwood By: Braden Russell They say you never know when your time comes. It may come like a sudden blaze of heat, or it may creep upon you slowly, bending you downward with unrelenting certainty. When I was only a few saplings strong, eager roots curling like frayed bowstrings in the warm earth, I never thought much about my own end. But when countless generations of birds have come and gone in your branches, when you have seen the death of too many seasons to tally, thoughts begin drifting to the time when the last of your own great oaks will lie decaying among the remains of their own leaves. Sometimes, you long for it. But then comes the boy. He charges through my undergrowth, scattering the small animals that hide there, and his shrill voice silences the singing off my birds. I try to ignore him. Then he builds a fort among the branches of my largest tree, and I am reluctantly pulled into his play. I am his castle, his bulwark against the flood of enemies his imagination devises. Some of my smaller trees become...

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The Future Of Kingdom Pen

The next issue of Kingdom Pen has finally arrived! This issue marks the end of one era, and the beginning of another. While Eli King is moving on, his dream and vision will not be leaving with him. The work Eli has started with Kingdom Pen is far from finished, and it is now up to all of us to carry the flag as Eli moves on to fulfill the will of the Lord in the other areas of his life.   This time of transition has allowed the leadership of Kingdom Pen to evaluate where we are, what we want to be, and how we can better fulfill our mission of encouraging young writers to write well, write purposefully, and to always write for Christ. We are overflowing with ideas and are incredibly excited about the future, and hope you are too!   Some of the ideas we will be seeking to implement that you can all look forward to include,   Turning Kingdom Pen into a quarterly publication and making hard copy versions available for purchase. Have you been published in Kingdom Pen? You can buy the issue and see your article, short story, or poem in print, rather than just in an electronic format. Even if you haven’t been published, a hard copy makes for easy reference or a great gift for a friend or relative....

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