Month: November 2012

Interview with Chuck Black, author of the Kingdom Series

Kingdom Pen is privileged to feature an interview with Chuck Black, author of the Kingdom series, originally hosted by Miss Leah Good on her personal writing website, Leah Elizabeth Good. Miss Good was very generous to share the interview with us and we’d like to extend our thanks to her and also recommend her website as a resource for novel reviews and writing content of all sorts. Swing by and check it out! Chuck Black is the Christian author of both the Kingdom series and The Knights of Arrethrrae series. The following biography is taken from his website, Perfect Praise Publishing, where his novels are available for sale:   Chuck Black first wrote Kingdom’s Edge to inspire his  children to read the Bible with renewed zeal. This captivating expanded parable led him to write the Old Testament allegories, Kingdom’s Dawn and Kingdom’s Hope. Chuck added three more titles to the series, Kingdom’s Call, Kingdom’s Quest, and Kingdom’s Reign which were released in May of 2007. Chuck’s current works include The Knights of Arrethtrae series.     Chuck is a former F-16 fighter pilot and currently works as an engineer for a firm designing plastic consumer products. He has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering and served eight years in the United States Air Force. Chuck and his wife have six children.     It is Chuck’s desire to serve the...

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Of Parallels And Perpendiculars: Part 2

Part 2 of Eyrnn Besse’s award winning short story! Click here for part 1!       I pull my backpack off my shoulders and lean it against my legs. With the simple, efficient organization system I use, it is easy enough to pull out a single sheet of graph paper. This graph paper I drew myself, some years ago. I started from a single line then I added parallel lines on either side, five to an inch. No one I know is capable of drawing these lines to such perfection; not even the machines can create perfectly straight lines. The lines are all perpendicular to more lines; lines which cut across the page in neat, organized lines. Perpendicular [per-puhn-dik-yuh-ler] adjective: meeting a given line or surface at a right angle. Life would be so much simpler if people functioned under the rules of parallel and perpendicular. I sit down in the middle of the foyer, equidistant from the four walls. I slip the sheet of graph paper into its proper place. Eight blank sheets of paper are tucked between my math notebook and my science folder. I pull out a sheet of paper and make a mental note to refill the supply when I arrive at my father’s house. Each piece of paper has to be replaced; eight is infinite and symmetrical. I pull out a perfectly sharpened pencil and prepare to draw the lines. It is a simple...

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Of Parallels And Perpendiculars: Part 1

First place finisher in Kingdom Pen’s inaugural short story contest: “I was captivated by this story from the first sentenceby its strong voice and quirky narrator. The scenario of misunderstood social outcast surviving in a harsh school environment is one that is often used and easily abused, but this writer’s story easily stands out above the status quo. I really enjoyed reading Of Parallels and Perpendiculars, and hope to read more by this author in the future.” ~ Braden Russell, contest judge  Originally published in the September/October issue of 2012.   By: Erynn Besse It is impossible for ordinary people to understand the concept of parallels. The teacher, a sub today, draws two lines on the blackboard and tries to explain parallels. But he does not get it. These two lines may not have intersected in the space of the blackboard, but extended to some unknown distance, these lines would continuously inch closer together until they intersected. In the case of these two lines, I estimate their point of intersection to be about ten feet above the blackboard. That is contradictory to the definition of parallel. Parallel [par-uh-lel, -luh] adjective, noun, verb, –leled, -lelling: extending in the same direction, equidistant from all points, and never converging or diverging. The lines on his blackboard, while he says they are parallel, are simply not extending in the same direction, equidistant from all points! They tell me that normal people do not think like...

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The Political Illusion

Worried about the election? Don’t be.   Not every problem is a political one. The solution to society’s problems lies in advancing the kingdom of God.  Check out this video and hear John Stonestreet’s great thoughts on the issue. ( Click on the picture to view the...

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Mental Tourists

How inviting is your story world? Make your book a place readers want to sit down in and stay awhile.   Originally published in Sep/Oct issue. Vol.2Issue.5 By Hannah Mills   Pendleton Indiana.  It has a small downtown reminiscent of the idealistic Small Town U.S.A., antique shops, old houses, a handful of churches, a few restaurants, and Gathering Grounds Coffee. While I don’t live here, I frequent this town a lot. The coffee shop is one of my favorite hangouts. My little corner of the world. You wouldn’t think that this town is much to talk about. But on one of the coffee shop’s old brick walls is hanging a map of the world, and scattered over the map are a bunch of straight pins. The pins mark where out-of-towners are visiting from. There are two pins marking Australia, one in South Africa, several throughout Europe, and one or more in almost every state in America, to name a few. So many people pass through this town, people from everywhere around the world. It strikes me as strange, this little coffee bar in this little town being a stopping point for people all over the globe. Indiana isn’t a notable state, our main claim to fame being the Indianapolis 500. Yet people still come here, and not just to Indianapolis or our other cities, but our farmlands and small towns....

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