Month: June 2012

Just Like God

By Anna Pendleton   Her eyes, that night, were alight with fear Her face could hardly be seen through the tears Her heart racing like a horse on the run A bleeding soul. Her life was over; the fight done Screaming out for some form of relief Desperately searching for something called belief She saw the darkness start to close in Fighting was useless, fear would eventually win Giving up as the web was silently spun A web of fear that would not allow her to run Wrapping itself around her limp form Growing and thriving on the raging life storm Confusion swirling before her eyes Her heart giving in to the quickly growing lies She couldn’t succeed is what she heard Why fight when everyone just breaks their word? When men promise to always stay And then, find better things to take them away When friends leave and outcast you What’s the point in finding something more to do? Whispered lies that grew to screams Desperation rising like a beast on leathery wings She shook under the growing pressure Ready to die if life didn’t take a turn for the better Curling up, preparing for the bitter end Giving up the dream that a miracle would be sent But it’s just like God to come in now When the rest of all beings have let you down To...

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How to Accept Your Own Story

No, this isn’t an article about Reliant K’s song by the same name. Borrowing from their title, however, forget and don’t slow down. How does this apply to writing? Well, it falls under something I’ve been learning about recently: acceptance. In my current novel, my main character is an artist. She wants to go to art school. That is her dream. I thought her price to accomplish the story-goal would be losing her hearing, but kept getting this feeling that going deaf wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t enough of a price, because going deaf wouldn’t change the outcome...

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How To Take Criticism Well

Criticism. A frightening word. Criticism has such a negative connotation associated with it, that many a writer instinctively prepares their defenses at the mere utterance of the word.  Criticism is naturally a hard pill to swallow, butit doesn’t have to be. In fact, learning how to take criticism well is essential to our growth as writers. Truth be told, I’m really not the one who should be writing an article on how to take criticism. I have actually been told that I’m defensive. Yes me! How can I refute such a claim? There is really no way to defend against being...

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