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Are You Helping Your Protagonist Cheat Her Way to Victory?

By Rachel Keller You’ve written a novel that you love (ironically) beyond words and handed it to beta readers to prepare it for the final editing stage. You’ve aced all the details (characterization, plot, theme, setting). You’re sure this is the novel that will launch you into publishing. Then you receive disturbing feedback from your beta […]


Write a Great Description in Three Easy Steps

Readers can’t relate to a story without narrative description. It happens in a vague world of shadows and smoke that readers have never visited—a world of floating voices and gunshots (splitting the silence, probably) but no real physical matter. It fails to engage the senses and ignite the imagination. If you’re like me, most of […]


Why Characters Who Love Each Other Won’t Ruin Your Novel

It’s possible you were taken aback at the title of this article. Maybe you once read a novel about happy people doing happy things in a happy world that caused you to cry in agony and run as fast as you could in search of a caged fight. Love means nothing ever happens, right? If […]

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Character Types: The Love Interest

As everyone knows, every good hero or heroine needs a love interest. Preferably multiple love interests for the sake of suspense. Just make sure that at least one of the love interests is perfect in every way. After all, we wouldn’t want the hero/heroine to have to learn wisdom in this relationship… …right? In our […]


Character Types: The Evil Overlord

It was only a matter of time before a video series on character stereotypes would get to the evil overlord character. And so here we are. The overlord character often struggles to be much more than a cheap Sauron rip-off. And it often struggles to be more than a Sauron rip-off because readers assume that […]


Character Types: The Strong Female Character (TM)

We’re back on schedule with our regular video posting schedule. And this time we’re actually tying into the theme of the month for once. In recent decades, the Strong Female Character type has dominated certain action-based genres. But while this character type can work sometimes, when it becomes the norm for heroines, you’re going to run […]

Short Stories

The Girl on the Island

The Girl on the Island

A young girl stood on a beach, watching the water lick at and swirl around her bare feet. But instead of glimpsing her obscured reflection in the undulating ripples, she beheld visions of sorrows she had experienced and outcomes she wished had been different. The sea foam receded as her thoughts deepened, and she didn’t […]


For the Sake of Her Crumble

The world was ripe for exploitation. Limitless opportunities to profit from, secrets to uncover and sell, systems to squeeze the lifeblood from and ultimately destroy. Infinite wealth practically begged to be carried off from less worthy masters and put to more practical uses, and Bertram Cadwell intended to take full advantage of that. Just not […]

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KP Book Review: Waterfall

By KayleighAnne E. Stanton What if our time collided with another? What would happen to our world? Who would we become? See the answers unfold in Waterfall, book one of the River of Time series. Every summer, sisters Gabi and Lia have reluctantly traveled to the beautiful country of Italy with their parents, who seem […]


KP Book Review: Wars of the Realm Trilogy

Since my early teens, I’ve been a huge fan of The Kingdom Series and The Knights of Arrethtrae. Both have rendered rereading and hold an honored spot on my bookshelf. When I heard that Chuck Black was writing a new series, I was elated. But then life became distracting, my free time decreased, and after […]

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