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How to Write Strong Women in Fiction without Making Them Feminists

Writing Christian fiction involves much more than mentioning God a few times or showing a character attending church once. Christian fiction encompasses the whole worldview behind your characters. Loyalty. Courage. Hope. Kindness. Love. No character is perfect, but the worldview presented and the conclusions reached by the main characters ought to mirror the teachings of […]


How Advice from a Chess Grandmaster Can Transform Your Writing

One of my favorite classes that I took at a homeschool co-op during high school was a chess class taught by a local grandmaster. I learned many different chess openings, position tactics, and endgame tactics, all of which improved my chess strategy. One day the grandmaster was explaining a game he won against another high-ranking […]


Five Myths about Writing Strong Female Characters

Of all the overdone stereotypes currently at loose in literature and on the screen, the Strong Female Character annoys me the most. Strong Females have infested filmmaking to the degree that directors seem to think it’s no longer optional to include one. In hand-to-hand combat, a female warrior is often portrayed as equal, if not […]

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Character Types: The Strong Female Character (TM)

We’re back on schedule with our regular video posting schedule. And this time we’re actually tying into the theme of the month for once. In recent decades, the Strong Female Character type has dominated certain action-based genres. But while this character type can work sometimes, when it becomes the norm for heroines, you’re going to run […]


Character Types: The Herald

“Aren’t these videos supposed to be posted on the 1st of this month?” you ask. “Isn’t this rather late for the next Character Types video to go up?” It’s a good question. And one that we’re going to be mum on. Anyways. In the last video in this series, Daniel vowed that he wasn’t going […]


Character Types: The Henchman

We had a great plan for this video: Anna and Daniel were going to shoot the video themselves and leave Josiah right out of the picture. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view of things), it didn’t work as intended. To be honest, the video was a bit of a disaster. Daniel and Anna blame […]

Short Stories

The Girl on the Island

The Girl on the Island

A young girl stood on a beach, watching the water lick at and swirl around her bare feet. But instead of glimpsing her obscured reflection in the undulating ripples, she beheld visions of sorrows she had experienced and outcomes she wished had been different. The sea foam receded as her thoughts deepened, and she didn’t […]


For the Sake of Her Crumble

The world was ripe for exploitation. Limitless opportunities to profit from, secrets to uncover and sell, systems to squeeze the lifeblood from and ultimately destroy. Infinite wealth practically begged to be carried off from less worthy masters and put to more practical uses, and Bertram Cadwell intended to take full advantage of that. Just not […]

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Book Reviews


KP Book Review: A Peep Behind the Scenes

Many today are unfamiliar with both Mrs. O. F. Walton and her work A Peep Behind the Scenes, which was originally published in 1877. Although it may not be considered a literary classic nowadays, it still is a remarkable story. By the end of the 1800s, A Peep Behind the Scenes outsold Hawthorne’s The Scarlet […]


KP Book Review: 5 Editors Tackle The 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing by C.S. Lakin et al.

Sometimes you read a book about writing and enjoy it, but you never think about it after you put it back on the shelf. Other times a book immediately earns a spot in your section of writing resources that you reference regularly. This book is definitely one of the latter. C.S. Lakin, the author of […]

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