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All Art is Christian Art

By Daeus Lamb   All art is Christian art. That’s a rather bold statement. Immediately, objections start to pop into our minds. “But what about modern nihilistic art?” “What about a novel that teaches spiritualism?” “What about someone screaming viciously into a microphone with zero identifiable words?” All of these are good objections, but rather […]


Foil Characters: What They Are and How to Use Them

So, if you’ve been following my articles for a while, you may have noticed that I talk a lot about the purpose of literature being to teach and to delight.  However, the instructional part of literature can be easily misunderstood.  After all, what does it practically mean to teach with literature?  Does it mean to […]


Racing Time (Self-Publishing Experience)

By Hope Schmidt I wanted to write a novella in one week. The math was simple enough; my novellas ended up around 25,000 words long so if I wrote 5000 words a day for five days, I’d finish it Friday, leaving Saturday for rounding up any extra words which spilled over.  The actual thought of […]

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Journeying Through Your Novel Part Nine: The Resolution

The last video of our Journeying Through Your Novel series, in which we talk about what happens after the climax of a novel, discuss the future plans for our show, and do a second post-credits interview.  Check it out and let us know what you thought of the series as a whole in the comments! […]


The KP Team Answers: What Is Your Favorite Part of Kingdom Pen?

What do our staff members love the most about Kingdom Pen?  Check out their thoughts in this video, and let us know in the comments what your answer would be to this question!


Journeying Through Your Novel Part Eight: The Climax

  In our second-to-last video in this video series, we discuss how Latin words can help us understand the potential pitfalls of a climax, look at why the climax of a novel can be difficult to execute well, and examine the importance of reader expectations to the conclusion of a story.  We also talk about […]

Short Stories


A Blade of Grass

By Hannah Carmichael It was his very first spring; he was a young sprout and that day started out perfectly… Blade looked up at the breathtaking sky. Beautiful, hardly a cloud covering its perfect canvas. “Isn’t it a nice day?” he asked his brother, Root who stood tall by his side. “Yeah, sure,” Root replied […]


Honor Before Prejudice

By Jackson E. Graham   Scotland, Early 1298. One mile south of Neidpath Castle.  Failbhe (FAL-uh-vuh) Fraser rode on horseback through the small fishing town of Peebles. The sun cast joy upon all who walked under its rays, a temporary break in the usually dreary Scottish weather. The River Tweed’s flowing waters roared in the […]

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