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Are Cliches to be Avoided?

By Hope Ann Clichés abound in movies and books. The dashing prince rescuing the helpless princess. The mentor dying and his student going on to save the world. The villain dressed in a long black cape with a pet snake on a staff. In an effort to create fresh stories, writers – and even some […]


True Courage

‘Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s the courage that counts.’ While this quote from John Wooden might not be literally accurate in every instance, there is a good amount of truth in it. In writing, and in life too, one success won’t establish your character forever. It will build him up, giving […]


The Bildungsroman: What It Is and How to Write One

The transition from childhood to adulthood is an important transition that everyone has to make.  So it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that this transition is a common motif in literary works.  Coming of age stories are staples among children and YA literature, but all of this may raise some questions.  What exactly makes […]

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Character Types: The Mentor

So, this video was originally going to come out last month.  But then my laptop decided to turn into a brick the evening I was planning on uploading it to Youtube.  After the hassle of buying a new laptop and recovering all my old files, though, we finally have the video to share with you […]


Introduction to Character Archetypes & Stereotypes

We kick-off our newest series… At least Daniel attempts to kick it off. Josiah may need some convincing that now is really the best time to talk about our upcoming series of videos. Interested in reading more about this topic? Check out Josiah’s article here! Buy our Swag! Music Credit: AudioMachine


Journeying Through Your Novel Part Nine: The Resolution

The last video of our Journeying Through Your Novel series, in which we talk about what happens after the climax of a novel, discuss the future plans for our show, and do a second post-credits interview.  Check it out and let us know what you thought of the series as a whole in the comments! […]

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With Their Faces Toward Destruction

By Timothy Young After I had been stricken for many days, I laid down in the shadow of a rock and fell into a restless sleep. I had slept here before, but it had been some time ago. As I slept, I dreamt of a fair country, or it seemed fair at first. Then I […]



By Sarah Spradlin   “What is it like—saying goodbye?” Her eyes misted as her mind tumbled backward, down spiral staircases and through doors—some which were locked, some open, a few dark, and yet others inviting.The winds of change were blowing behind her. The winds that pushed her forward—the winds that sometimes made her forget. “It came […]

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